2017 Townsend MCL Mentor Program

Townsend Detachment has instituted a Mentor program to assist new members to assimilate into the detachment.

When a Marine or potential associate member indicates an interest in joining the detachment, they are assigned a Member Mentor, usually the member who recruited them.

The Mentor presents the candidate for membership to the detachment. The mentor will provide and explain to the candidate the organizational structure, the symbols and mottos, the annual activities calendar, a copy of the by-laws and a membership roster for the entire detachment. The mentor will call, e-mail or visit the new candidate during the month, between meetings. The mentor aids the new candidate to locate resources and uniform items. Once the candidate is voted into the detachment and has taken the oath of membership, the mentor relationship continues for a minimum of six months, to ensure the new member has a buddy who is available to answer questions and to encourage the new member to remain active.

Townsend Detachment voted in and administered the oath of membership to two new members this past weekend.