Townsend Change of Command Live & on Zoom

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Townsend Detachment
2021-02-27 13:00 - 15:00
Young Meadows Church - 5780 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL 36116, USA
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The Change of Command will take place at Young Meadows Church in the same large room where we celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday last November.  There will be plenty of room for maintaining distancing and all are asked to wear masks upon entry.  A catered lunch will be served at 1300 and the ceremony will follow.  Plan to attend an welcome Mark Barnhart as the new Commandant of Townsend Detachment!

Because many will not be able to attend, we have decided to make the program availablle on Zoom.

Or, if you prefer to start Zoom and join the meeting, the Meeting ID is (as usual): 862 9589 4129 and the Passcode is (as usual): 172140

You will NOT be allowed to speak during this session --- it's the only way it makes sense for this kind of ceremony.  You may or may not wish to enable Video on your device; we won't be watching you --- You'll be watching US. 

I hope you wil attend either in person or by Zoom.  Mark Barnhart will become our new Commandant.  Jamie LyBrand will double as Emcee and be installed as Sr Vice Commandant.  Mike Jeffries will be installed as Jr Vice Commandant.  Mary LyBrand will double as Sgt at Arms and be installed as Judge Advocate.  The guest speaker will be 1stSgt Christopher Stoudemire of Lima Co, 3/23.



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