Townsend Detachment members visited the Bill Nichols Veterans Home to support and recognize our oldest member, Retired Master Sergeant Thomas Davis USMC, at the homes’ monthly Birthday Party.  

Tommy Davis enlisted in the USN prior to WWII, he told us that he wanted to join the Marine Corps, but that just wasn’t allowed when he was ready to join. After 4 years in the navy, the Marines were integrated and any Navy personnel choosing to join the Marines could transfer to the USMC with no loss of rank and no basic training.

Gunnery Sergeant Davis transferred to the Marine Corps and served for an additional 26 years. Tommy served in WW II, Korea and the Vietnam wars.

Townsend Detachment members also presented Vietnam Era veterans with the 50th Anniversary Commemoration Pin, and read to all gathered the Proclamation Honoring all Vietnam Era service members.

At the end of the event Townsend Detachment Commandant Nancy Burtron administered the Oath of Membership to Tommy Davis and Nannie Wilson.